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If you are new to playing, you may have questions about getting started, as online casinos operate very differently from land-based casinos.

Some of the more common questions new players tend to ask revolve around how to play games, how to use the banking features, and especially, how to keep their time and money safe. Detailed answers can usually be found under any given casino’s FAQ section — a dedicated page to answer all the popular questions asked by its members.

Or have a browse below to familiarize yourself before you get started. Most reputable online casinos operate quite similarly, so our casino Q&A should also be of help.

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What Types of Online Casinos are Out There?

There are a number of Canadian online casinos available to players, giving prospective gamblers many options for finding a web parlor that best suits their needs. Most casinos feature an array of slot machines, while others may also boast a comprehensive sports book or an expanded list of table games. Casinos also tend to have varying bonus offers and, occasionally, unique systems for depositing and withdrawing money. For more on the differences between casinos, you can consult our list of recommended casinos.

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Are Online Casinos Legal?

Yes. Gambling at online casinos is completely legal in Canada. Some provinces are even entering the market and opening their own online casinos to compete with the current market.

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What are My Chances of Winning at an Online Casino?

Your chances of winning depend on how you play. Slot machines boast various percentage payouts, and your chances of hitting jackpots will vary based on how and how much you wager. Table games like blackjack and baccarat generally offer more generous payout percentages.

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What Makes for a Good Online Casino?

There are a few standard things every player should seek. A casino that runs on dependable software is a must, and most players will prefer a casino with secure, but convenient, deposit and withdrawal methods. After that, it’s a matter of taste. A good online casino will feature all the games a player might want to play, and also feature bonuses that can aid in a gambler’s effort to make some money, like strong welcome bonuses. For instance, players who enjoy slot machines might love a bonus package heavy on free spins, but if a player plans to spend most of his time in the sports book, such offers are going to be mostly useless.

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How Can I Deposit Money at a Casino?

Casinos will generally offer a number of deposit methods. Most will allow you to deposit from a credit card, as well as from e-wallets like Neteller or PayPal. There are also Canadian-specific methods, like Instadebit, that are designed to connect Canadian bank accounts to online casinos. Most deposits can be made instantaneously by consulting the casinos banking page. Once on the page, find the deposits tab, choose your method, enter the relevant information and then get gambling. You can find out more about banking methods here.

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How Long Will it Take After Depositing Before I Can Play?

Most casinos are eager to take your money and get you started, so most likely there won’t be much delay, especially if you pay by more traditional methods, like credit cards. For the most part, players should expect to be able to play right away, but should consult the banking page of their casino for more information on whether there might be a delay.

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What’s Better: Download Version or Instant Play?

This is a question that will depend on the user. Some casinos may require different operating systems for one or the other — if you’re a Mac user, you will definitely want to check that your casino is compatible with each. Downloadable casino versions generally offer more games and options, though the instant play is great if you want to get started quickly.

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Can I Play Casino Games on My Mobile Device?

At most casinos, yes. Mobile casinos are becoming increasingly popular, and with the rise in demand, they’re also getting better. Gamblers can now wager with ease from their smartphones or tablet devices and have access to a huge percentage of the games and features they get on a computer. Be sure to check before signing up to ensure your casino offers mobile gaming.

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How Can I Find Out If a Game or Casino Will Work with My Operating System?

Most online casino websites will note their download requirements somewhere on their site. This information may be listed where the site notes its download instructions, or in an FAQ section. Worst case, most casinos offer 24/7 customer support, and a representative from the casino should be able to confirm this information for you.

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Can I Play Games For Free?

Yes. Most casinos offer free games to players, allowing you to sample their product without making an investment. You can usually find a link to a casino’s free offerings somewhere on its home page.

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How Do I Know the Games Aren’t Fixed and That The Spins and Hands Are Random?

Casino games are designed to give a slight edge to the house, so a casino would gain little by risking its reputation by fixing games. There are regulating bodies, like eCOGRA, that are constantly ensuring casinos are adhering to the responsible gaming standards one would expect. You can read more about finding a fair, secure casino on our secure casinos page.

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How Can I Learn the Payout Percentage For a Game?

You can try our game reviews, such as Mega Moola or The Dark Knight. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, a quick Internet search will generally solve this for you. Some games have their own websites where they list such percentages. For instance, a quick search of “Mega Moolah payout percentage” will lead you straight to Mega Moolah’s website, which lists its payout percentage at 94-95 percent.

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How Can I Tell That a Casino is Safe?

In general, online gaming is very safe. There are a number of regulating bodies that keep watch over the industry, making sure that proper procedures are being followed by Canadian casinos and working to protect the interests of Internet gamers. If there is cause for concern surrounding a given casino, check out our blacklisted casinos, and run a quick Internet search that would likely reveal that in short order.

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What Types of Bonuses Do Casinos Offer?

Bonuses can vary based on the site. The most common is the welcome bonus, but sites may also feature weekly or monthly bonuses, refer a friend bonuses, tournament bonuses and free-spin bonuses, as well as special VIP offers and rewards. See our page about casino bonuses for more information.

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What is The Welcome Bonus?

Just about all casinos will give their players a welcome bonus to entice people to sign up. The form of this bonus can differ — some incentivize players by offering free spins or plays on its games, while others just throw a pile of cash at players. These bonuses may differ in size based on how much a player deposits. Gamblers should consult the terms and conditions of those welcome bonuses, though, to understand the wagering requirements for withdrawing that bonus.

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What is a Wager Requirement?

A wager requirement is what a casino mandates a player must gamble before trying to withdraw a casino bonus. For instance, if a casino lists a wagering requirement at 15x, a player will have to wager 15 times the casino bonus in order to withdraw that money. We list most wagering requirements in our casino reviews (e.g. Jackpot City casino review). If it’s not in our reviews, you can check the casino’s terms and conditions page to find the wagering requirement.

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How Do I Withdraw My Winnings?

This will depend on the casino, but generally, players can withdraw through a number of methods. Most will pay you back through the same method in which you signed up (credit card, e-wallet, etc.). Be sure to consult our reviews pages or the banking page on your casino’s website for specifics.

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How Long Does it Take to Make a Withdrawal?

This will depend on the casino, as well as your withdrawal method. Some casinos need only a day or two to process your withdrawal and get you your money, but there are some methods that take notoriously longer, like bank transfers, which can take a week or longer. Most casinos will outline withdrawal times for certain procedures somewhere in its terms and conditions.

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How Do I Learn to Play the Games?

Specifics may depend on the game, but the best way to learn any game is to practice. Beyond that, we offer a number of strategy guides on this site, including pages for slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and sports betting. You can also find free versions of games within our site or on your favorite casino where you can learn the rules and try different strategies before wagering real money.

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Do Online Casinos Ever Close?

Nope! One of the benefits to playing at an online casino is the flexibility it offers. Casinos are open 24/7, and most also offer around-the-clock help and support. No matter the time or day, players can log in from the comfort of their own home and enjoy all the action Vegas can offer.

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Can Canadian Players Play at Non-Canadian Online Casinos?

A number of our favorite online casinos available in Canada are actually run from different countries, so yes, you can. Not all foreign casinos are open for business in Canada, though, so players should consult a casino’s website to check if it’s compatible.  Or, if you want to be certain, you can consult our list of recommended casinos, all of which have been rated and reviewed specifically for Canadian gamblers.

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