Secure Casinos

When you sign up at an online casino, the hope is that at some point you’re going to win a serious sum of money. With the casino holding both your winnings and other personal information in-hand on your journey to that end, security is of the utmost importance.

Top gaming software providers like Microgaming, 888 and Playtech place a high priority on keeping their digital encryption technology up-to-date and secure, and every aspect of your account safe. That’s one of the reasons we recommend the sites below:


Top Secured Casinos

Why is Security So Important?

Security is so important because we’re talking about your money and personal identification here! Both of which, for obvious enough reasons, are well-worth protecting. And like any other industry in which money trades hands electronically, internet gambling can be a target for hackers hoping to swindle users out of a quick buck. Gambling at unregulated casinos can leave you at risk. For starters, with shoddy protection, those sites may be more easily hacked, or worse, they could even be in on the data stealing crime.

Checking to ensure a casino is eCOGRA certified is a great first step to finding a safe casino. Doing a quick Google search can help as well, making sure no suspicious user-reviews appear. Or, your easiest (and best) bet is to gamble at any of our trusted sites, knowing that all sites reviewed by Online Casinos Canada are reputable online casinos with a history of safe transactions.

Online Security Measures

The first step a casino takes in defending itself from hackers is through digital encryption technology. There are various forms of this, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

SSL & TLS: These protocols use short-term and long-term security keys to encrypt information between parties, keeping information private between you and the casino.

HTTPS: HTTPS layers standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol on top of SSL/TLS protocol, creating an even more complex puzzle for hackers to try to piece together.

Online Privacy & Casinos

Privacy is another important matter. Casinos should have a Terms and Conditions (T&C) section somewhere on their site, and within that there should be a privacy policy. Trustworthy sites will promise not to communicate your personal information to outside parties for any reason. They should also give you the opportunity to remove your information from the site’s database upon request.

Virus Protection

Hackers trying to get into bank accounts aren’t the only troublemakers to worry about. Viruses are another reason to check the authenticity and security standards at an online casino. Unregulated casinos can be bastions for internet viruses that can do serious damage to your computer. That’s why it’s important to choose only a trustworthy site, whose software is known to be virus-free. In addition, you must do the maximum to protect yourself, by keeping your anti-virus software up-to-date and always using a firewall.

Tips for Safe Online Gambling

  • eCogra Certified Casino Only: Only gamble at casinos that have eCogra certificates or similar licenses, ensuring an outside body has deemed the site a safe and fair place to play.
  • Read the T&C: Read the Terms and Conditions for information about the site’s privacy policy. Make sure the casino won’t be selling or giving away your information.
  • Anti-Virus: Ensure you have an up-to-date anti-virus mechanism on your computer.
  • Safe Banking: Only use banking methods you are familiar and comfortable with or see our recommended payment methods.
  • Never Give More Than Needed: Do not provide casinos with information that seems extraneous to your internet gambling experience.

Mobile Gambling Security

Use Encryption & Anti-Virus: Mobile gambling has proven harder for hackers to infiltrate, but there are still some things you should know before using your smartphone or tablet to gamble online. The same encryption standards that apply to computer gambling should be used through a mobile app, so check to make sure those protocols are in place and that the app has been licensed by an outside authority. Players can also look into anti-virus software for their devices (the most common ones are AVG and avast!)

Avoid Public Wi-Fi: One key thing to remember, particularly with mobile gaming, is to avoid insecure internet connections, such as free wi-fi available in public places. Insecure connections are an easy way for hackers to lift your private information, something to keep in mind even if you don’t use your mobile to gamble.

How We Rate Our Casinos

We pride ourselves here at Online Casinos Canada on being able to point you in the right direction, and we couldn’t do that in good faith if we weren’t aware of the security procedures in place at each of our recommended sites.

Licencing: We weigh a number of attributes when determining if a casino is safe for customer use. As we mentioned above, checking the licensing is a good signal for reliability. If eCOGRA has looked into the site and given it its blessing, that’s a good sign.

T&C: We don’t stop there, though. We comb through the casino’s Terms and Conditions before giving our stamp of approval. And if something seems fishy, we’ll let you know. Even more so, we value sites that offer transparency in their process and values, ensuring customers feel safe and satisfied with their experience. We know that’s what’s important to you, and so it’s of the utmost priority to us.


All of this isn’t to scare you. Gambling online is a very safe form of entertainment, so long as you take the proper steps to ensure safe casino play. In addition to all the aforementioned, that also means taking responsibility for protecting your own personal information by choosing a secure password, and guarding it carefully. Also, have a look at our blacklist of casinos with a history of security, privacy and payment troubles, so you at least know which sites to avoid.

Beyond that, we highly recommend you check out the casinos we highlight here at Online Casinos Canada, which have all met with our official stamp of approval, and can be a useful guide to helping you on your quest to finding the perfect site for you.