Online Sports Betting Guide


Nothing completes the experience of kicking back to watch the big game like having a little something riding on the action. Lucky for Canadian gamblers, the days of having to trudge to a casino or bet through a local bookie are long gone. Instead, players can now use the internet to access some of the best online sports betting Canada has to offer. Whether you’re a die-hard hockey fan looking to prove your expertise or a veteran of the horse track looking for a way to wager from home, some of the best sports betting sites like 888 Casino and Betsson are ready to take your action. See our recommended casinos offering online sports betting below:

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Getting Started With Online Sports Betting

The first step is to find a regulated sportsbook. This is your money we’re talking about. You want to place your bet with reputable online betting sites. Online Casinos Canada only deals with casinos that are in good standing. All the online sportsbooks in the list above are safe.

Once you found a sportsbook to your liking, the next step is to create your account. This is easy and hassle free. The process is usually similar across casinos, so as an example, here’s how players can get started at Betsson’s sports casino.

  • visit betsson and click the “Open Account” link.
  • Enter your name, contact info, date of birth, username, password and preferred currency.
  • Follow the Betsson phone number verification procedure.

The last step is to make a deposit. Once the money is deposited, you can head to the main sports book page — you’re ready to start betting!

Players can filter through Betsson sports book by sport and bet type, and find the events they want to bet on, with the lines they think are best. Their sports book, like all our recommended books, is easy to navigate with clear buttons and search filters.

Free Bets and Offers

Online sports books will usually offer new players some sort of bonus when they sign up and make a deposit. These bonuses usually take the form of free bets or enhanced odds (sometimes called boosted odds). A free bet or bonus bet is a complimentary amount of credit the casino adds to your account. This sum can be a set amount or a percentage of your deposit.

For instance, at 888, new players are entitled to $88 in free bets as well as a $5 casino bonus. Mobile users can claim an additional $5 “No Lose Bet”. If you claim this bonus, 888sport will cover your first bet if you lose, up to $5. 888sport runs regular promotions, like the recent Olympic promotion that gave players up to $50 in free bets or its promise to refund all horse racing losses on horses that finish within 1/2 a length of the winner in jumps.

However, you cannot simply withdraw this cash. You have to play it. Every sports book has its own set of requirements that comes with claiming its bonuses and free bets. These can include restrictions on which games to bet on and time limits within which to use the bonus. Read the terms and conditions attentively to find out about them. Online Casinos Canada reports these requirements in its reviews. So make sure to read those as well! If you don’t want to be bound by the requirements, you are free to reject the offer.

Enhanced Odds Offer

Enhanced Odds and Accumulators

Enhanced odds, as the name says, boost the player’s chances of winning. These special offers are available a day or even an hour before a game. The bookie will give players the best odds just before the start of a game, to get additional last minute bets. Enhanced odds can come in many forms: double and triple odds, enhanced odds for new customers, enhanced place terms, price matching and boosting, etc.

Here as well, terms and conditions may apply. Keep your eyes open for bet and withdrawal maximums, game and feature restrictions, and whether you can bet on multiple lines. Always compare the offer with that of other bookmakers. If you are still ok with the offer and its conditions, then definitely go for it … enhanced odds can turn luck into your favor!

Bet Smart, Bet Safe

Odds Comparison

Bettors place bets, but the seasoned punter will make sure he’s getting the best odds possible before he takes out his wallet. Bookmakers don’t all give the same odds. It’s important to play with the bookie that will give you the highest odds. In fact, it’s so important that a simple search for ‘odds comparison’ on Google will produce tons of websites with the sole intent of comparing odds from dozens of major bookmakers. Winning is one thing. You want to increase your earnings by betting the highest odds out there.

Varieties of Online Sports Betting

The choice is yours when it comes to sports betting at Online-Casinos-Canada. We’ll point you in the right direction so you can bet on your favourite Candian teams and sporting events. It doesn’t matter which league, which sport, or which player – we find the best live odds as they’re released. So if you have a thing for Turkish football and want to bet on Canada’s very own Atiba Hatchinson, we’ll show you which Turkish bookies you can turn to. Looking for updates and tips for upcoming MMA/UFC fights? We’ve got those too, and more. When it comes to betting on sports, you’re covered at Online Casinos Canada.

Hockey (Not Just NHL!): At our recommended casinos, players can wager on a large assortment of different sports. In Canada, one of the most popular events to bet is hockey (duh!), and both 888 and Betsson have you covered there. As you’d expect, every NHL game is given a line, but beyond that, players can also wager on games across the globe, including action from Russia’s KHL, a number of European professional leagues and special international events like the World Championships and the Olympics.

Horse Racing: Events like horse races are also supported by online gambling sites, many of which will also provide background information and live feeds for races. Playing the ponies has long been a favourite of sports bettors worldwide, and Canadian players can enjoy all the excitement without having to trek out to the track.
Experience the excitement as the finest horses go head to head in a race to the finish. Betting on horse races has been a cherished pastime for generations. In events like the Cheltenham race and Grand National race, the best horses compete against each other on the tracks. Those with the right eye can guess which horses will come out on top. Imagine the thrill of winning loads of money betting on the right horse with sports betting.

Ball Games: There’s plenty of action to be found outside the rink, too. American football, Canadian football and soccer like the 2024 World Cup are very popular at online sports betting sites, as are basketball, baseball, golf, tennis and a number of other professional leagues.

Boxing BettingBoxing: Betting on boxing can add much excitement to watching a live fight and will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat! Many boxing matches can be very one-sided affairs with strong favourites as we saw on Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor super fight.
However, there are plenty of other ways to bet on boxing than just on who will win. There are other alternative betting markets available such as ‘Method Of Victory’ (Knockout, Points etc.), ‘Total Rounds’ and ‘Round Betting’, so there are other options to grab some value boxing odds. Boxing betting definitely spices up any contest that can be won or lost in any second with one big punch!

Different Ways to Bet Online

For starters, all the classic betting types are available to players online, including straight bets, money line bets, over/unders, parlays and prop bets.

In Play/Live Betting: One feature unique to online sports books is an In-Play or Live Betting feature. These allow players to place new bets on sporting events while the matches or games are in action. This gives gamblers an interesting way to stay invested in events as they happen.  This option is especially popular at the Betsson Sports Book.

Mobile Apps: Another key feature at both Betsson and Sports interaction is the use of mobile apps to enhance the gambling experience. Players can check up on-the-go on all their parlays and prop bets with those apps, meaning your cyber sports book is always within reach.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is on the rise in sports betting. What better than to watch the race or the game live and direct on your favourite betting platform? There’s something irresistible about keeping one eye on the actual sports event while the other one’s scrutinizing the numbers, dollar signs and statistics of your sports book. OCC has reviewed a few operators that already offer live streaming, and that number is growing. Betway and William Hill offer the possibility to watch upcoming sporting fixtures in a wide array of sports. 888sports has specialized in live streaming horse and greyhound races. Read our reviews for more details on live streaming per bookie.


Online sports betting is fun, exciting and potentially lucrative. Visit our recommended online casinos that offer sports betting and try a bet yourself!