Progressive Slots

The driving force behind everyone chucking a fiver or so into a slot machine is the hope of wining big.  And with progressive slots, you get the chance to do that, and then some.  The wildly popular progressive jackpot slot machines attract so many players because of the gigantic payouts on offer – and by gigantic, we mean millions of dollars!  That’s because the jackpots in progress slot games continue to grow until someone takes home the pot.

Here in Canada, we’re not shy when it comes to the huge payouts of progressive slots, and we certainly like to test our luck with the casino jackpots. Below, we’ve assembled the best online progressive jackpot casinos that have a wide variety of progressive slots, are easy to use, and above, loads of fun.

For a local twist, we’ll tell you a little more about playing progressive online slots in Canada — where to play and which games to seek out. To see which online casinos offer the best progressive slots now, check out the table below. 

Best Progressive Slots Casinos

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Playing Progressive Slots

Playing progressive slot games is the same as playing any other slot. The only difference is that you’ll usually need to bet the maximum amount possible if you want to be eligible for the top prize. How you do that is simple:

1. Select the highest coin value offered.
2. Select all of the paylines and the number of credits to bet per line.
3. Spin the slots and hope for a winning combination!
4. After that, you can either cash-out a newborn millionaire, or keep playing ‘til your jackpot win.

While betting less than the maximum amount and selecting less than the maximum number of paylines most likely won’t unlock the mega jackpot, you can still be in with a chance of winning a nice chunk of money.  For example, Microgaming’s Mega Moolah – which you can find at many of our top rated online casinos – features four progressive jackpots. The Mini jackpot often sits under $100 in value, the Minor can creep upwards of $100 more towards $1000 depending on how recently it was won. Then come the big ones, with the Major jackpot regularly in the tens, or even hundreds, of thousands, and the Mega jackpot exceeding one million – often being a multi-million pay day for the lucky spinner.

Then again, as progressive slots play like usual slots with some bonus games, free spins, and winnings on matching symbols along a payline, the returns from a regular win that’s had a high bet on it will return an equivalent sum.

What should also be noted about progressive slots is that the vast majority of the titles only have one jackpot available, regardless of how many sites host the game. So, what this means is that you can select your preferred online casino for the progressive slot that you want to play and you’ll be spinning for the exact same jackpot as everyone else is on other sites. Because so many sites have progressive slot titles in their games roster, there are so many people playing them that the jackpots can reach astronomical proportions.

For more info on how progressive slots work, and tips on how to increase your chances of hitting that life-changing jackpot, watch Online Casinos Canada’s own Renny break everything down for you, in the video below.

Progressive Slots Tips

A slot is a slot. That is, no matter whether you’re playing the traditional format or the progressive game, whether you win or not is a matter of pure luck.  However, it’s always good to keep a few guiding principles in mind when making a wager.

  • To win the most, bet the max: You can only win the maximum jackpot if you make the maximum bet, because games are designed to reward bigger spenders more often. Most progressive slots games also include bonus rounds, so riding a hot streak hard can help turn a quality payday into a massive win.
  • Select an amount you can afford: The longer you play, the more chances you have of winning, so make your money last. Betting the max amount of paylines is more important than betting the max coin size, so players on a budget can save money that way.
  • Never play on auto-pilot: Slots can be fast-paced and thrilling, but you have to keep an eye on the outcome of each spin.
  • Keep track of your losses and gains: You don’t want a nasty surprise on your bank statement. So unless you’re a billionaire (and maybe even then) pay attention to your bankroll!

Regarding your odds of winning when playing slot games, it all comes down to the number of reels and symbols on the reels. For example, if you’re playing a game that features 20 symbols over 5 reels, the odds of winning the jackpot becomes the number of symbols multiplied to the power of the number of reels spinning – in this case, 205 (20 x 20 x 20 x 20 x 20) which equates to odds of 3,200,000 to 1.

Your stake, to an extent, won’t usually impact your chances of winning a progressive slots jackpot – albeit a smaller version from a smaller stake – but the number of lines that you play likely will. On many of the slots jackpot games, you can select how many lines you play on, but every one that you reduce it by from the maximum, you deduct a chance of the right tiles landing in an area which would bring you a win.

Mega Moolah – one of the most popular casino slots – has four jackpots ranging from mini to mega, in the tens to the millions in winnings. The game also offers an optional 25 lines and bet amount so that you can play for whichever of the jackpots are more in your price range. Hall of Gods, on the other hand, has 20 fixed pay lines but varying bet levels to dictate how much is spent on each spin. Then there’s the Arabian Nights game, which, unlike the other two, offers just one jackpot, but is only played on 10 optional pay lines.

Another fan favourite is Mega Fortune, by Net Entertainment. The theme reeks of fame and fortune, and you only need to land three bonus wheels on any of the five reels to enter into the bonus game for the jackpot. However, as is the case with some progressive slots, you then have to best the final trial of the bonus game to win the jackpot. In this case, you have to advance past two levels before spinning the wheel to earn the grand prize.

If you want to enjoy your slot game with the chance to win big while also enjoying familiar pop-culture characters, then they’re available too. The biggest and best one is the Marvel Ultimate Power Slot, which is a jackpot offered across the Marvel universe of slots and has seen many players win over one million from its jackpot. Playing from any Marvel online casino game – Blade, Elektra, Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, Marvel Roulette, Spiderman, Captain America, Fantastic 4, Ghost Rider, Thor, or the Avengers – you can be in with a shot at claiming any one of the jackpots.

Not only does the Marvel Ultimate Power Slot jackpot give you a huge range of games to play for the jackpot in any way that best suits you, but the jackpot round is also much more simple. Here, you directly control your fate; rather than relying on the spin of a wheel. You play a scratch card and reveal four spaces to find your prize – which could be one of four jackpots. It’s a great slot for Marvel fans or just slot fans as many of the Marvel casino games rank among the best slot games going.

Be sure that you know what is required when you unlock the bonus game before entering into a progressive slot as some games may require additional effort, which may not appease you after the hard work of getting there in the first place. You’ll find that when it comes to these casino jackpots, you’re spoiled for choice.

To win the major or mega slots jackpot on many progressive slot games, you will be required to pay in with the maximum bet and number of lines on your spin. You might get lucky and it may only take that one spin, as is the way it goes with these random games, but the chances are that you’ll need a fair few spins.

Examples of Progressive Slot Games

Progressive slots have always been popular at land-based casinos, but now they’re better than ever online. Plus, with such a vast pool of players to draw from, their top jackpots build at a far faster rate! Some of the most popular progressive jackpot games include:

Mega Moolah: Microgaming is the king of progressive payouts, and Mega Moolah is its crown jewel. The game regularly ordains more than a dozen new millionaires a year, and is expected to pay out even more money this year as more folks join the fun.
Fantastic Four: Playtech provides the progressive slots game Fantastic Four, offering multi-level bonuses and high payouts with a classic superhero theme. The game is connected to Playtech’s Marvel Mystery Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot, which links all of its Marvel games into one massive progressive jackpot.
Mobile Progressives: A number of our recommended online casinos now also boast exciting mobile versions of top jackpot slot games, for huge wins on the go.
Gladiator Jackpot: Based on the award-winning film of the same name, and also powered by Playtech, this is a stunning action-packed slot machine with your chance at a life changing jackpot.

The Biggest Winners

The biggest payout ever garnered by an online slot machine occurred in Finland in 2013, when a user by the name of “Peter” pulled in $23-million in one spin of a progressive jackpot. In October of 2015.

Jon Heywood of the UK won $20,062,600 playing Mega Moolah at one of our most highly recommended casinos, Betway. Heywood’s Mega Moolah win came just six months after an unnamed Canadian player raked in CAD 7.5 million on the same game. Since then, in 2016, one Marcus Goodwin of Canada won CAD 11.6 million on Mega Moolah as well.

Canadians have done notoriously well when it comes to casino jackpots in recent years. Just in June 2016, six of the seven big winners on Cash Splash were Canadian, reeling in between CAD 7.9k and CAD 76.7k. Mega Moolah also paid out CAD 16k to one lucky Canadian in the same month, and on Treasure Nile, a lady from the True North took CAD 32k before going over to Cash Splash to get CAD 76.7k.

Even going beyond recent years, Canadians have been winning big, as shown by the CAD 4.19 million won by Sylvia P. on Beach Life in 2008.

There have definitely been some almighty winners from Canada on these progressive slots, will you be next?

Where Are the Best Jackpots?

Microgaming has established itself as the king of the progressive slot in Canada, mostly because it supports Mega Moolah, and was known by the Dark Knight slot, which is unfortunately no longer available. Popular Microgaming casinos you should check out include Betway and Royal Vegas. If you want Marvel superhero progressive wins, then Playtech casinos like Winner or are the way to go.

For sheer volume of choice from top software developers like Microgaming and Net Entertainment, Leo Vegas is the place for you. With top titles like Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods, Major Millions, Siberian Storm, Arabian Nights and many more, this operator gives all slots jackpot aficionados a multitude of ways to win. Dunder also offers their customers a very wide range of progressive slots with varying jackpot values for their customers.

How Progressive Jackpots are Paid

With many online casinos, there is a daily, weekly, or monthly withdrawal limit set in place which would hinder a winner of a slots jackpot from taking out all of their winnings at once. However, as the game developer pays out – with you actually getting paid directly from the casino – many operators do allow for the full withdrawal of a big jackpot win.

That being said, some sites keep their withdrawal limits in place so that only increments in the thousands can be withdrawn each week. Because of this, it’s best to check with the site prior to playing their progressive slot games as there’d be nothing worse than winning the huge prize and having to wait for it to trickle out to your bank account.

FAQ for Progressive Slot Games

The only way to win the mega jackpot in the vast majority of progressive slots games is to play the maximum number of paylines and the highest bet available. It is a very pricey way to play, so gamble responsibly, but the potential millions on offer make it a tempting move for many. A fair few of the most popular casino slots will offer a mega jackpot as well as smaller jackpots. More lines and a higher bet will get you in line with a bigger potential jackpot, but only the maximums will grant you a chance to win the mighty prize that everyone’s vying for.
If you’re using a reputable operator – you can use our casino reviews to find trustworthy sites that are best for you – their progressive slots will be fully licensed, checked to ensure that they’re completely random in their play and that they’ll pay out when the jackpot is won. Using lesser-known games on less-reputable sites is not advised as their casino jackpots could very well be scams, but using our list of top progressive slots sites above, you can find safe places to play for the big bucks.
This will primarily come down to whether the operator which you’re playing through has an app or mobile site – which the majority of the top ones do – and if they’ve put the game on that version of their site. As progressive slots are so popular, a lot of operators allow for their users to play them on the go.
Provided that the operator is licensed in Canada, you’ll be able to play their progressive slots in Canada. There is a huge range of online casinos for us Canadians, so you’ll certainly have the chance to play a progressive slot.
Almost all progressive slot games will have a little question mark icon or help window which will explain the game and answer many of your questions. If, however, this isn’t enough, you should contact the site – not the game’s developer – as they will be able to solve your issue.
Progressive slot games will play like regular slot games, with winnings for matching set symbols across pay lines, and some will even have bonus games and free spins available outside of the jackpot winning bonus.
Paying the maximum bet along the maximum number of lines, on the right game you could win in the millions. If you don’t want to be paying huge amounts per spin, though, you can bet less money to try to win one of the lesser prizes on certain games.
While each game will have a different number of playable pay lines, you will have to play the maximum number of lines – as well as bet the maximum amount – to get the big win. However, you can still play with fewer lines to potentially be in for a shot at the lesser jackpots, if the game provides them.
As explained above, most top casinos will send you the jackpot in one sum, but some will hold you to withdrawal limits, so be careful where you play.
Each progressive jackpot will feature on many sites, with all games linking to the same jackpot, so no matter where you play; you’re after the exact same jackpot as everyone else. The operator merely comes down to your personal preference and which one suits you best.

A Few Final Words

At Online Casinos Canada we offer players the chance to learn more about the games and casinos where they’re mostly likely to experience a big jackpot payout. To that end, our casino reviews all include information on progressive slots. So to find out more about the offerings at all of Canada’s top online casinos, feel free to consult our list of recommended gambling sites in Canada, and be sure to read our extensive reviews.