Online Mac Casinos

Mac casinosI’ve long been a fan of Mac computers, but for many years, I found myself having to make sure I had access to both Macs and PCs simply to assuage my internet gambling practices. It used to be that the only way to access the best casinos was with a PC, but rapidly, that’s changing, as more and more providers are creating Mac-friendly software. You’ll find evidence of that on this page — just take a glance at the list in the table below to see how many of my favourite spots generate their casino for Mac users.

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About Mac Casinos

Casinos used to be chiefly for PC use because the software and hardware for Macs and PCs were so different and incompatible. That’s changed with time. Internet browsers have become similar with time and operate on similar software, like Flash casinos or Java. Because of this, software providers can now code their casinos to operate as browser-based products that can run on either a Mac or a PC with ease.

flash casinosflash casinos: These flash casinos are also aided by the improvements in computing technology and in internet connections. Back in the dial-up days, computers and internet connections lacked the force to operate casinos in within the browser, which is why so many casinos used to require a download. Now, any half decent computer with a wi-fi connection has more than enough juice to operate most casinos, meaning providers can take advantage of the Flash or Java products to support their casino. For the most part, this means you don’t need to jump between computers to access all the online casino games your heart desires. With flash casinos, you can even switch between a Mac and PC and can access the same account on almost any of your digital devices.

downloadable version: It’s worth noting that the downloadable casinos of most casinos still won’t work on Mac computers. Again, this harkens back to Macs and PCs having different hardware. Software providers still generate the downloadable versions to overwhelmingly operate on PCs, and finding the right software to make those downloads Mac compatible is a lengthy and complicated process. But because most flash casinos now offer a full slate of games, the downloadable versions are becoming somewhat irrelevant in the modern market.

Advantages of Mac Casinos

As I said before, I have absolutely adored the Mac computers and laptops I’ve used over the past decade-plus. Mac’s operating systems (OS-X) have long been the gold standard for me. I don’t have to worry about updating anti-virus software every other day, and everything runs crisp and smooth. Plus, because I don’t have any downloaded casino software clogging up space on my current Mac, I have room for other files and the laptop runs better than my PC. Security on Macs has long been considered stronger, too, although Windows is closing the gap there.

And, of course, the market now makes it easier than ever to gamble on Macs. Casinos realize they were missing out on potential customers by isolating Mac users at a time when Macs were booming in popularity and have quickly worked to shore up that part of their operation. Now, flash casinos almost all offer just as many games as their downloadable cousins. Some sites have even ditched the download model all together in favor of browser-based casinos.

Recommended Mac Casinos

Like I said, all of the casinos in the table above come recommended from me and offer Mac-friendly products. At the forefront of the movement to go Mac friendly are some of the newer-age casinos that don’t bother with downloadable versions, like Mr. Green or Casino Room. But, luckily, just about all of my favourite casinos are now very compatible with my Macbook, including my top-rated casinos Royal Vegas and Betway Casino.

If I was writing this five years ago, I’d have to be much more specific about which casinos are best specifically for Mac users. That’s changed. These days, if I’m willing to give a casino a 5-star rating for the PC experience, users should expect the same satisfaction if they come with a Mac product. You have to love progress like that.


When you dish out big money for a Macbook, you’d like to think you won’t ever reach a point where you’re wishing you’d settled for a cheaper PC product just so you can access your favourite casino. Trust me, I’ve been there. Luckily, those days are just about behind us. Many of my recommended sites come ready to go with a Mac online casino and tons of Mac casino games. If you’re an Apple user like me, you don’t have to worry about keeping a PC around just for online gambling and video games anymore. And as I’m sure you’re aware, what will work on your Mac or PC, should also work on your iOS and Android mobile devices. This allows modern players to enjoy a smooth, multi-device, single-account experience. Now the industry can focus on enhancing the experience, rather than worrying about the hardware a casino customer happens to use.

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