Casino Blacklist

Once upon a time, going back even five or ten years, many were wary to gamble their hard-earned dollars online, and rightfully so. Back then, we were all less aware of the dangers involved, and what elements it took to make real money transactions safe.

These days, however, it’s pretty easy to spot a doozy. Especially if you do the research first. That being said, some dud online casinos continue to come in pretty packaging, and sometimes, even the most scrupulous of players can be fooled.

That’s why we at Online Casinos Canada have put together a list of blacklisted casinos, including the reasons why you should avoid them. In addition, to ensure your continued safety, have a look at our tips below, in helping you spot a rogue casino, and avoid a horror story in the realm of online gaming.

Our List of Blacklisted Casinos

Blacklisted Casino Why They’re Here
Casinostates Operates without a license
Club Player Casino Sketchy bonus conditions & poor record of payment
Sunshine Bingo Doesn’t pay players
99 Slot Machines Problems with payouts
Ruby Slots Terrible customer support
Class1casino Doesn’t pay players, changing terms and conditions
Atlantic Vegas Casino Operates without a license
AC “Always Cool” Casino Changes terms & conditions in a way that harms players
Future Bet Casino Games are rigged
Lucky18Casino Takes away bonus cash
Mighty Slots Spams affiliates
Plum Gaming Unresponsive support, doesn’t pay players
Casino Lust Unreliable in terms of payments
Virtual Casino Group Extremely slow payouts with multiple delay tactics
Vegas2Web Slow to no payment
Thebes Casino Takes too long to pay players
Oceans Online Casino Refuses payouts, poor customer service
Belle Vegas Online Spams players
Grand Prive Casino Group Refuses to pay out winnings, non-responsive support
Grand Prive Sierra Star Casino Group Refuses to pay out winnings, non-responsive support
SuperBet Palace Slow to no payment
Eldorado Palace Doesn’t pay players in full

Why Have They Been Blacklisted?

We expect a certain minimum standard to even be reviewed as an online casino worthy of Canadian players. In fact, there are four basic rules that a casino should always adhere to be ranked among our best online casinos. Failure to follow even one of them is what can lead to a spot on our blacklisted casinos list.

The online casino must-haves include:
1. Paying winnings in full to its players
2. Using fair software (third-party tested & proven)
3. A satisfactory level of customer support
4. Clear, honest and reasonable marketing tactics

Beyond those four rules, there are other performance standards a casino should be able to meet. For instance, some casinos take an unreasonable amount of time to pay their players. In addition, we also blacklist casinos notorious for spamming players with information they don’t need, as well as casinos who insist on operating without a license.

In other words, if we discover from any avenue that a casino seems bent on spoiling a Canadian gambler’s online experience – in any manner whatsoever – then to our online casino blacklist they go.

How Do We Choose to Blacklist?

We’re a serious review site, which means we can’t simply rely on hearsay. In order to become blacklisted, a casino must have been given multiple opportunities to explain or amend accused actions, and won’t earn blacklist status until all avenues have been explored.

Why Blacklist Casinos?

While we obviously monitor the Canadian online gambling scene closely looking for casinos to recommend, we also see it as our duty to stay up-to-date on dangerous rogue casinos with a poor reputation vis-à-vis their players. In fact, we see this as part and parcel of the job and an integral element of our review process.

Online casino gambling should be fun, and we most certainly don’t want anyone to ruin your good time along the way. By monitoring sites first-hand and relying on reports from regulatory bodies, we can keep players posted as to which casinos are bad eggs, and provide warnings about scams being run in the online gambling universe, so you can better protect yourself.

What Else Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

If you’re looking to gamble online, you must do everything within your power to protect your hard earned dollars. This includes doing all the research first, before you make a real money deposit.

Again, reading our reviews at Online Casinos Canada is a good place to start, as you can be assured any casino we’ve reviewed is guaranteed safe and secure.

Beyond that, start by using your reasonable judgement. If a site looks (or feels) shady, odds are, it is. You can also do some more of your own homework by having a browse through sites like Casinomeister’s Rogue Pit and the Wizard of Odds blacklist section. Googling a casino’s name before joining is also a good idea. There are plenty of user-generated reviews to be found to give you even more background.

Help Us Keep Online Gaming Safe

Remember, battling these rogue casinos is a group effort, and using all of the resources available to us is the best way to make sure that scams are limited in scope, and don’t ruin things for the entire online gambling community.

To that end, your help in making sure our blacklist is comprehensive and up-to-date is invaluable. If you’ve had the misfortune of encountering a rogue casino, we invite and encourage you to contact us and share your story. We promise to investigate and share our findings with you.