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The waters of internet gambling can be difficult to traverse for new gamblers. It’s an experience we all remember, and that’s why it’s our goal here at Online Casinos Canada to pair rookies and veterans alike with casinos that perfectly fits their needs.

There is so much to factor in the casino-choosing process. The staff here at OCC has years of gaming experience, both from the editorial side and simply as avid gamers. We know what you’re looking for and can anticipate many of the questions you might have. Our beginners guide is a great place for new players to start, and our casino reviews page is all geared toward making sure you, the players, are choosing your casino with all the information you could ever need.

The heart of Online Casinos Canada is our staff, which is dedicated to making this site the most complete source for online gambling information available in Canada.

The Team

Joel Galin

Joel Galin

A proud University of Toronto grad, Joel is the chief editor here at Online Casinos Canada. He signed on with our enterprise in 2011 as an already experienced online casino and poker player. He was plenty familiar with Canada’s top gambling websites before beginning with us, and has become an expert in the field since. He’s a whizz at the blackjack table and loves writing a good, in-depth casino strategy article. His favourite game is slots.
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Emily Martin

Emily is our webmaster and provides our site’s technical support, making sure all our content is presented to you in a comprehensive and easy to interpret manner. She’s been working in the industry since 2000, meaning she’s seen the world of online casinos grow exponentially since she started. An avid online gambler, Emily prefers to spend her time playing keno.

Simon Williams

With Joel guiding the way, it’s Simon’s job as our main writer to provide most of the content found here at Online Casinos Canada. Simon is a big casino enthusiast who is especially drawn to the mathematical side of gaming. He loves studying strategies for a number of different games, and often writes about his latest thoughts and discoveries here. In particular, Simon loves to hit the blackjack table.