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Best Way to Play Free Spins Awarding Mobile Slots

Video slots and some mobile three reel slots may offer a bonus game that is award you with a set of free spins, and those additional bonus games can and often do, if everything falls into place as they are being played off, award some mega sized winning pay-outs, and often much more than can be won on just the base game of those slots.

Therefore, I guarantee that at some point in your mobile casino game playing career you are going to want to actively play those types of slot games, but keep in mind that not every free spins bonus game you will trigger will award you wish a huge amount of cash.

Mobile slots Free Spins

In fact, sadly when you do eventually trigger such a bonus game, you may be awarded very little from them, and I for one have experienced several free spins bonus games on which no winning combinations were spun in!

Having said that though, there are going to be so many different types of bonus games on which you will be awarded some form of free spins bonus feature round, that I have put together and compiled the following guide to help you discover which ones may appeal to you personally.

It will often be via a set of scatter symbols that such bonus games can be awarded, but some mobile slots can award them at random or when you line up a set of bonus symbols on an activated pay-line but do read on to find out more.

Free Spins with High Valued Multipliers

Now, you will certainly come across more than enough slot games that can be accessed on a mobile device on which there will be some high valued multipliers in play during the free spins bonus rounds those types of slot often have on offer.

In fact, when you are lucky enough to play such slots and then trigger their respective bonus games you can often find that the wild symbols will become multipliers too, and as such it is possible to win big when you do get for example one or more of the top paying reel symbols on those slots on the first and last reel and three wild symbols spinning in on the middle three reels too.

But those slots, whilst they do offer massive winning pay-outs during the bonus games will tend to be high variance slots, which basically means that they are very high-risk slots to play.

As you will often find that when playing them the free spins bonus games will take a huge number of base game spins to play of before the free spins will eventually be awarded to you, the best way to play those slots are for some very low stake amounts.

That way you can often ride out those non-paying base game spins and get to a point in your playing session when the free spins bonus game is finally triggered, and never forget that when they do trigger you can still win some huge amounts of cash even when playing for tiny stake amounts!

Free Spins Bonus Games that can Re-Trigger

You will no doubt come across a huge range of free spins awarding slot games that will have been designed in such a way that they could re-trigger their free spins a you are playing them off.

When you spin in another set of for example bonus game awarding scatter symbols on a free spin that has just been paid off then you will be awarded with additional free spins.

Some mobile slots will also award an extra free spins by you spinning in as little as one scatter symbols during the bonus game, and some require two scatter symbols to award additional free spins but most slots will require three or more scatter symbols to land anywhere in from a single free spin to award another set of free spins to you.

As it is possible to trigger a very large number of free spins when you are playing such slots, and they keep on re-triggering, you will need to ensure that you have the absolute maximum winning opportunities to win big during those bonus games.

Therefore the very best way to play such slots is by playing them with all of their respective pay-lines  live and in play, so make sure when you do play such slots you activate every single pay-line, but do adjust the coin value settings and the number of coins you wager per line to suit your budget and bankroll!

Built-In Free Spin Bonus Game Features

I think its fair to say that as soon as you do start to play free spins awarding mobile slot machines, and you reach a point in time when you do manage to trigger the free spins multiple times, and experience the huge pay-out potential those types of bonus games offer players, you will be eager to play them time and time again.

However, I should also point out that some free spin awarding mobile slot games will also have built in additional bonus features when the free spins are playing off.

One type of additional built in bonus game that does add another level of excitement to your slot playing session is when a slot machine will award additional wild symbols during the free spin’s bonus game.

As random and on any free spin played off such slots with fire out or will slide across the screen a random number of additional wild symbols, and if they all land in the best positions possible when they randomly attached themselves to the reel positions, there is the potential to win big.

In fact, you may also come across some slot machines that could award a progressive jackpot to you when the free spins bonus games have been triggered, so always read through the pay table attached to any slot you are about to play to discover any bonus feature that could spring to life during the free spins bonus games!