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American Roulette

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Sometimes referred to as The Devil’s Game because the numbers added up equal 666, American roulette is a more challenging version of the popular French roulette game you’re used to. Check out American roulette at one of these top online casinos today for a high risk, excitement-filled game. You can practice and perfect your strategy at one of the following recommended casinos:

Pros and cons

  • American roulette is more exciting because of the greater risk involved
  • Additionally, the higher the risk, the greater the payouts
  • American roulette can be found in almost any online casino there is
  • The double zero lowers your chances of winning, statistically
If you like thrilling bets and wins that are in line with the risks, then you’re going to love American roulette!

 How to Play

If you know how to play French or classic roulette, then you pretty much have everything you need to get started playing American roulette. In case you aren’t familiar with the rules though, here’s a quick break down:

  • Start by placing a bet on one or more numbers, or sets of numbers from the American roulette wheel.
  • You can make as many or as few bets as you’d like. There are no rules restricting the amount or the variety of your bets.
  • There are whole schools of thought regarding American roulette strategy, but you don’t have to follow these to have a good time. You can simply play the odds, randomly choose, or make your own calculations. Either way, just place a wager to get things started.
  • Place bets by putting money down on the board on the numbers or sets of numbers you want to wager on.
  • Once you’ve placed your wager, click on the spin button, and the mechanism will be set into motion.
  • Modern online roulette games are a digital dream giving punters the greatest vantage point, clear view of the wheel, and customization options that keep the game as personal and enjoyable as ever.
  • Watch the ball roll around as the wheel spins its crazy dance. When the wheel stops, whatever number the ball rests on is the winning digit. Wins are paid according to the outcome of the spin.
  • Roulette has several variations including American, French, Mini, and Multi-wheel versions.


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American Roulette vs Regular Roulette

American roulette rules differ from the regular one in only the most minute way. As you’re probably aware, the standard roulette wheel has a zero slot within its mix. The American on the other hand has both a zero and double zero slots. This is where the entire challenge of the game lies. The double zero increases the house edge, making it harder for you to win, statistically speaking. This is the reason that folks both love and hate American roulette. Whether or not it’s the game for you will depend on your betting style and penchant for a challenge.

Playing Classic Roulette Online

Afraid that American roulette might be a bit more than your nerves can handle? That’s ok, there are still plenty of places where you can play the classic game online too. See the table below to find some of the best online casinos around that offer French roulette to our members.

You might be wondering why we chose these online casinos to highlight out of the thousands that are available. We do a careful inspection of every online casino that we recommend, looking for quality performance, benefits, and fair and responsible gaming practices. These casinos in particular stood out from among the crowd, so it was an easy choice.

Another reason these online casinos are the best choice for you to start playing classic or American roulette is because they offer a demo mode of the game. That means you can play all you want without spending a thing. You can learn the ropes, understand the strategy, and have fun without worrying about exhausting your bankroll.

And just in case you were wondering, the house edge for online roulette is considerably lower than it is in a land-based casino. So you really have everything to gain from staying home and enjoying the convenience of one of these gambling clubs!

Regular Roulette Tips

Now you know the basics of American Roulette with all its rules, caveats, and intricacies. The only thing left to give you are some sneaky little tricks to help you get the most out of your gambling session. Enjoy!

* No American roulette strategy will make you win big in a calculated way. While making smarter bets could lead you to better odds, at the end of the day, this is a game of chance, and the luck of the draw is all you have.

* If you want to see a sure fire win, bet on opposing values such as black and red, odds and evens, or three streets. You won’t win any grand prizes, but it’s nice to see the winning fanfare sometimes!

* Be responsible whenever making wagers online or off. Keep an eye on your bankroll, and learn to walk away when the day is done. If you practice responsible bankroll management, then you’ll have no problem coming back another day to play again!

Now that you’ve got the rules, tips, and tricks of the game, it’s time for you to play American roulette online!

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