2024 Winter Olympics Betting

February 9 marks the beginning of the PyeongChang 2024 Winter Olympics. The top athletes in sports battled on snow and ice will compete for some of the greatest honours. Representing your nation at the Olympics is one of the greatest honours for any athlete, as they vie to bring in silver, and gold medals.

With major sporting events come major opportunities with bookmakers. The Winter Olympics are very popular in Canada, with Olympic curling and Olympic hockey the highlights of the games. This means plenty of winter sports betting to be enjoyed.

The Winter Olympics take place every four years. Hosting them is a great honour, especially as bidding nations must adhere to stringent criteria to even be considered. This year, Republic of Korea county PyeongChang will be the setting for the Games. The area boasts an incredible backdrop of mountains, valleys, and Buddhist temples.

Below, you’ll find betting tips and advice for your Winter Olympic betting, as well as the best Canadian gambling sites for Winter Olympic odds.

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Betting on the 2024 Olympics in Canada

When betting on the Winter Olympics, it’s important to keep track of exactly who will be competing and recent news about them, such as injuries. While Canada has been very successful in Winter Olympic hockey, they aren’t as favoured this year. Because the NHL has banned its players this year, Canada’s best players are not going to PyeongChang either. Teams who will attend, on the other hand, boast a plethora of talent – like Russia and the KHL for example.

The Winter Olympics feature fast, high-powered sports where athletes compete against the elements. So, there are a lot of things to consider. It’s important to know the types of bets that you can take too.

So, here’s a breakdown of the biggest Winter Olympics betting markets available right now:

  • Prop Bets: Proposition bets simply mean betting on an event will happen or will not happen in a game. This event doesn’t necessarily affect the outcome of the game. For example, you can bet that there will be over 0.5 goals in the first period of Canada’s first Men’s Ice Hockey game against Switzerland. The odds for it are +100.
  • Outright Winner Bets: An outright bet concerns who will win the entire event when it ends. So, right now, you can get the Canada Mixed team at +160 to win the gold medal in the Winter Olympics curling.
  • Medal Ranking Bets: Here, you’re betting on who will outright win the most medals at the 2024 Winter Olympics. There is a Medal Table, which lists the total value and number of medals earned by each country. Whoever finishes on top of it will be the winner of the Medal Ranking bet. As it stands in the winter sports betting, Norway stands as clear -134 favourites.
  • Most Medals Bets: Be careful: most medals bets is not the same as medal ranking bets. That is because a country with the most medals may not rank the highest due to the value of the medals won. For example, a country may have five bronze medals but another three gold ones. Still, Norway is also favoured to win the most medals at +100 in the Winter Olympic betting.
  • National Medals Markets: These markets mainly concern under/over bets on how many gold medals or total medals each nation will win. So, for example, Canada is at -167 to win over 7.5 gold medals, and -112 to have a final medal count of under 29.5.
  • Most Gold Medals Bets: This market is solely focused on which country will win the most gold medals at the Winter Olympics. In the Winter Olympics odds, Norway is again the favourite to win the most gold medals at -134.

The Latest Winter Olympics News

Anthony Watson is set to become Jamaica’s first ever Olympic skeleton slider at the Winter Olympics
Anthony Watson initially tried out for the USA bobsleigh team, but then found his true calling in the skeleton, switching over in 2016. Austria, Switzerland, France, and Luxembourg declining places opened up a space for Jamaica and Watson.

Pavel Datsyuk named as Russia’s Men’s Ice Hockey team captain
NHL and Detroit Red Wings legend Pavel Datsyuk has been named the captain of the Olympic Athletes from Russia Men’s ice hockey team. As the captain of KHL team SKA St Petersburg for the last two seasons, Datsyuk is determined to take his nation to glory at the Winter Games.

Canada snowboard athletes announced
Canada has selected their snowboard athletes in the cross, halfpipe and parallel giant slalom events. Zoe Bergermann, Carle Brenneman, Tess Critchlow and Meryeta O’Dine will also compete in the snowboard cross. Baptiste Brochu, Eliot Grondin, Kevin Hill and Chris Robanske will compete in the snowboard cross. Jasey-Jay Anderson and Darren Gardner will represent Canada in the parallel giant slalom. In the halfpipe, Derek Livingston, Mercedes Nicoll, Elizabeth Hosking and Calynn Irwin will go for gold.

New Sports Categories for 2024 Winter Olympics

Snowboard Big Air: In the Big Air variation of snowboarding, athletes get three attempts at a single jump. Speeding down a massive launch ramp, flying high and far, the athletes perform rotations, flips and grabs, to earn marks from six judges.

Team Alpine Skiing: An event that has males and females on each team. Athletes go head to head against the opposition down slalom courses, pooling their results together.

Mass Start Long Track Skating: After some eliminators, 24 athletes line up in the final. Requiring long-distance and speed skating skills to come out of the massive starting group on top.

Mixed Curling: Mixed doubles curling comes to the Winter Olympics this year, boasting faster play and mixed teams of four.

Who will win the most gold medals at PyeongChang 2024?

Norway comes in as the heavy favourites to end the PyeongChang Winter Olympics at the top of the medal table. Norway is at -134 in the Winter Olympic odds and -134 to finish with the most gold medals. Norway, per the Winter Olympic betting, is set to dominate the 2024 Games.

The most popular Winter Olympic sports in Canada

When it comes to the Winter Olympics, three sports stand as the favourites for the residents of Canada. Ice hockey, curling, and snowboarding are adored by Canada. In the Winter Olympic curling, Canada is the favourite to win all three disciplines. Canada is -134 in the Men’s, +160 in the Mixed, and -118 in the Women’s by the Winter Olympic odds.

When it comes to the nation’s favourite sport, though, the national team has taken a huge hit. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman refused to allow players in the league to compete for their national teams. So, the Canadian Men’s team is significantly weaker. The event as a whole will be without a gulf of its star talent.

While Canada is -200 favourites to top the Men’s Group A in the Winter Olympic hockey, they’re at long Winter Olympic odds of +500 to win the tournament. The Women’s ice hockey team is held in higher standing at +105 to win their tournament.

Canada boasts a fine Winter Olympic record in our favourite sports. In curling, they have five gold and ten total medals. Canada also has 12 gold and 19 total medals in ice hockey, and three gold and seven total medals in snowboarding.

Winter Olympics broadcast schedule

CBC will be broadcasting the entirety of the 2024 PyeongChang Winter Olympics across all platforms. The Games start on February 9 and close on February 25.

About the Winter Olympics

This year, the Winter Olympics will be staged in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea. The 2014 Games were held in Sochi, Russia, which succeeded the 2010 Games in Vancouver, Canada.

The 2024 Winter Olympics are officially known as the 23rd iteration of the Winter Games. The first official Winter Olympics took place in Chamonix, France, in 1924. It featured 16 events over five different sports: skiing, skating, ice hockey, bobsleigh, and curling.

Over time, Norway has managed to pull their way to the very top of the all-time Winter Olympics medal standings. With 118 golds, 111 silvers, and 100 bronzes, Norway’s 329 medal total is unrivalled. Canada stands sixth overall with 62 gold medals and 170 overall at the Winter Olympics.

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