Top 6 Visa Casinos

Visa Online CasinosThere are a lot of reasons why folks turn to online gambling in their downtime, but let’s get real: the money is the biggest one. This, of course, makes banking with the casino a necessity, and that’s where VISA can help. Odds are good that, in your wallet right now, you already have a VISA debit or credit card. If so, that’s all you’ll need to make deposits and withdrawals at most online casinos, like the ones listed below. Don’t waste time signing up for other websites or services if you can simply deposit with VISA for free.

Advantages of VISA

Visa is accepted everywhere! Advantage No. 1 is pretty simple. You see how long that list is above? All those casinos take VISA, and all of them do it fee free. You’ll be hard pressed to find an online casino VISA doesn’t serve. Want to play at Royal Vegas? Use your VISA card. Going to give Betway a try? Your VISA works there too. Headed to Spin Palace? Don’t forget your VISA. Okay, you get the point. If you want to gamble in Canada, it’s not hard to find a casino that accepts VISA.

It’s already in your wallet. Advantage No. 2 is that VISA cards are super easy to come by. Heck, I already have two in my wallet that I use in daily life. And while I do have accounts with some e-wallet services, I’ve found it’s much easier to keep track of all my money by simply using my credit cards. In other words, don’t mess around with multiple online accounts with various passwords and usernames to remember. Save time and headspace by linking directly from your bank account to the casino with VISA as your go-to middleman.

Making VISA deposits

Visa benefits If you’ve ever used your VISA card to make an online purchase, you’ll be able to figure out the deposit process pretty easily. In any event, just to get you started, here’s a walk-through on how to use VISA at Royal Vegas. The process is almost exactly the same at each of our recommended casinos, so you should have no problem making your casino deposit with VISA, wherever you choose to play.

VISA deposit at Royal Vegas:

  1. Fetch your credit or debit card and have it handy
  2. Head to and go to Banking
  3. Click on ‘Add card’ link adjacent to ‘Credit Cards’
  4. Register your card by completing the necessary fields, including your full name, address and card number (this is the 12-digit number on the front of your credit or debit card)
  5. Select your card type (VISA) from the drop down menu
  6. Enter your deposit amount
  7. Enter your CVC number. This is the three digit number on the back of your credit or debit card
  8. Click ‘Next’ to complete your deposit

Sound simple? You’re darn right it is. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Withdrawing with VISA

Easy Withdrawing With VISAAlright, so you got your money on the site, gambled away for a few weeks, and now you’ve made a few hundred bucks and you want to get that money off the casino and into your bank account so you can buy yourself a nice steak dinner.

Once again, it’s super easy. Withdrawals, like deposits, are generally the same at every casino. And again, so you have an example to work off of, we’ll return to Royal Vegas for a breakdown of how to make a VISA withdrawal.


VISA withdrawal at Royal Vegas:

  1. In the casino software, click on ‘Bank’ and then select ‘Withdrawal’
  2. The casino will ask you for your preferred payment option. Select credit card.
  3. Your credit card should show up as an option if you also used it to make a deposit. If not, you may have to add your credit card. These steps should be similar to steps 4-7 (excepting step 6) from the deposit instructions above.
  4. There is a 24-hour processing window at Royal Vegas, during which time players can reverse their withdrawal by following the instructions in the ‘Bank’ section within the casino software.

Keep in mind, while the withdrawal process is generally the same at each online casino, what might fluctuate is the wait time. While VISA withdrawals are among the quicker methods available at casinos, they can take from 24-hours up to a week to process.

Final Verdict

And really, that’s it. That’s all you need to know. No matter where you want to spin your reels, VISA is almost certainly going to be among the best banking options at your disposal. It’s quick. It’s usually free. It’s effective and safe.

Basically, if you have a VISA in your wallet, there’s no reason not to use it at the casinos we recommend in the table above. However, if you’re looking to compare, we welcome you to check out other payment options on our payment methods page, and then decide.