Sic-Bo is an extremely popular game both on and offline. It can often be found in the smoky rooms of Atlantic City casinos and can’t be missed across the web. Canadian punters especially enjoy Sic-Bo casinos online because they provide more variety, convenience, and availability than the land-based versions. If you want a slice of the Sic-Bo action pie, then check out the game at one of these stellar online casinos today:

Rules of Sic-Bo

Choose your gambling style: Playing Sic-Bo is an art form that punters spend years perfecting. Of course, you can easily slap down a bet, collect your winnings, and have fun without all of the hassle of learning and planning a strategy as well. But there is something enjoyable about having a methodology especially when all the pieces come together. Whichever gambling style you prefer, here are the basic rules of Sic-Bo so you can decide for yourself.

Your first step– The first thing you’ll notice about Sic-Bo is the playing board. It’s loaded up with numbers, similar to the betting table of a roulette game. There are so many numbers, you might be overwhelmed from the offset. Relax, once we’ve explained the rules everything will be a lot clearer and easier to digest.

Types of bet– There are several types of bets you can place in a Sic-Bo game. Various bets will deliver alternate payouts and things really start to get interesting when you start mixing and matching for your own unique blend of betting strategy. Here are the main bets you should know about:

  • Small: Any roll between 4-10 wins, good probability, pays 1 to 1.
  • Big: Any roll between 11-17 wins, good probability, pays 1 to 1.
  • Total of 4 and 17: Tough probability, which is why it pays anywhere from 50-62 to 1.
  • Total of 5 and 16: Mid-ranged probability, 18-31 to 1.
  • Total of 6/15 or 7/14: Decent probability, payout between 12-18 to 1.
  • Double: Bet on rolling two dice with the same number. Any two of the same number, pays out 8-11 to 1.
  • Triple: Bet on all three dice rolling a specific number. Extremely rare, payouts 150-180 to 1 (good luck!)
  • Any Triple: Easier than a specific triple, any three of the same number wins, pays out 24-30 to 1.
  • Single: Bet on a single number, and the number of times it appears is the amount you will be paid out (example, if it shows up on one die, you’ll be paid 1 to 1).
  • Odds: Any odd number wins, but three of a kind is an automatic loss.
  • Evens: Just like the Odds bet from above.
  • 3 or 4-Pick: Not an actual bet name, players choose any three numbers. If they hit all three, they’re paid out 30 to 1. This can also be done in a few variations including choosing two numbers and selecting which number will appear twice (higher payout), and choosing four random numbers (lower payout).
  • Domino: This is named so because of the way the wager appears on the board when placed (it looks like a domino piece). You can select two random numbers, and if these are included in the winning roll, then you’ll get a 5 to 1 payout.

Register your wager– Now that you know what all of your options are, actually placing bets is simple. You just click on the area of the screen where you want to put down money and the machine will register your wager. If you want to increase your coin amount or wager, simply click on the stacks of coin denominations to select the appropriate one.

The bet is placed, so what now? Once a bet is placed, the rest is pretty simple. You click roll, and the three dice are shaken up and released onto the board. You win according to your wagers and the results of the dice throw.

Odds in Sic-Bo

Where can you find the best odds– Sic-Bo casinos are everywhere online, and that’s a huge advantage for you because it means you can shop around until you find one with the best odds in your favour. While most casinos will have pretty much the same odds as all the rest (which is still better than you’ll get at the land-based casinos by the way), some wagers will factor in differently, and that’s where you gain your edge.

Sic-Bo softwarePlaytech Sic-Bo casinos for example, offer 15.2% odds when betting on 4 & 17 as opposed to Microgaming which gives 12.5% odds. The 9 & 12 bet is another significant difference between the two casinos, so keep a close look out for these games.

Variations of Sic-Bo

What you see it’s what you get: Sic-Bo isn’t like Blackjack or Poker, what you see is what you get. You won’t find Blitz Sic-Bo or Mini Sic-Bo or any other variations on the theme. People who enjoy playing this entertaining betting challenge aren’t interested in creative twists on the original. They want it straight up, and that’s how they get it.

Online Sic-Bo or the land-based version: The only variation that you could consider is the online Sic-Bo versus the land-based version. While the rules, results, and regulations are all the same, playing online is an entirely different experience for punters across the globe. A Sic-Bo casino online gives you the convenience of playing at any time of day or night, wherever you want, and for however long you want without having to worry about getting home at the end of the game. If you like convenience, then this is the ultimate solution.

Top 5 Sic-Bo Tips

Ok, so you want to be a Sic-Bo champ. How are you going to do it? Check out these five tips for making you a Sic-Bo aficionado overnight!

  • Play free mode whenever possible: Play Sic-Bo on the free mode provided by our online casinos so you can get the hang of the game without the stress of a dwindling bankroll. There’s nothing that puts the pressure on more than watching your well-supplied balance decrease before you’ve even had a chance to learn the ropes.
  • Hit up various areas on the board: Like in roulette, the broader you cast your net, the more likely you are to win.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away: Walking away when your chips are down (or your bankroll is exhausted) isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a smart gambling play. Showing integrity now will give you the confidence to come back to the Sic-Bo tables again tomorrow!
  • Think long-term: If you are in it for the long-term, then go with the wagers that have the lowest house edge. These don’t always pay out the best, but they will in the long-term.
  • Play the promos: All Sic-Bo casinos run promotions periodically, so watch out for these bonus offers, and take advantage of them.


Sic-Bo is a great game for those who enjoy strategizing as well as punters who just like to have a great time. With so many betting options and varieties to choose from, you’ll never get bored of this classic dice game. Head straight for one of these fabulous Sic-Bo casinos now, and enjoy your day better!