Red Dog Poker

Red Dog is an easy, fast paced card game that offers plenty of fun and excitement without the need to learn complicated rules and in-depth strategies. If you love games of chance and you’re looking for a simple and enjoyable online casino game to play anywhere, Red Dog is well worth a look. Don’t confuse this game with The Classic poker game, though. Red Dog is less strategic, more fun and akin to the games of ‘Acey Deucey’ or ‘In Between’ you might have played when you were a kid.

We compiled the rules of the game and a few playing tips below, so keep on reading. If you’re curious to find out what the fuss is all about, you can play Red Dog at any of the following top rated casinos.

Rules of Red Dog

Great poker game: Red Dog is sometimes referred to as Red Dog Poker but in reality the two games are quite different. While they are both card games, Red Dog doesn’t require anything like the level of strategy that poker involves. When you play Red Dog your ultimate success hinges more on luck and playing the odds than your ability to understand the intricacies of the game and make strategic decisions.

How can i start playing? Players start with two cards and are dealt a third. The object of the game is for the third card to fall somewhere between the two original cards. The amount you win will depend on how much you have wagered as well as the size of the spread between the first two cards.

Playing Red Dog online

It’s easy to play Red Dog cards online. Here are the basic steps involved:

  • Navigate to the game where you will see spaces outlined for three cards.
  • Place your bet using the plus and minus signs.
  • Click on the “deal” button.
  • Two cards will be dealt and these will appear in the left and right spaces.
  • Unless the two cards are consecutive, you can now decide whether you want to Call, which will leave your bet as it is or Raise, which lets you bet more (usually double).
  • Once you have clicked on Call or Raise you will be dealt a third card. This will appear in the space between the other two cards.

When do you win and what’s the payout? If this third card falls between the other two you win the game, if it falls outside the spread between the two, you lose. Your payout will be determined by the size of the spread between the first two cards (how far apart they are in the deck). While the specifics vary between casinos, as a general rule, the smaller the spread, the larger the payout.

How can you end the game in a tie? If the first two cards are consecutive the game is considered a tie and your bet will be refunded to you. If your first two cards are a pair you will be dealt a third and if it matches you win. If it doesn’t match the game is considered a tie and your bet will be refunded.

Red Dog Poker
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Odds in Red Dog

What are the winning odds: The odds of winning at Red Dog depend on how wide the spread between the first two cards is. This means that many players designate a certain level, usually a spread of seven or more as a guideline of when to raise their bet and when to call. Once you have a spread of seven or more cards the odds of winning increase to over 50%.

High house edge: Compared to other card games like poker, the house edge for Red Dog is fairly high. The house edge depends on the specific casino you’re playing at as well as the number of decks used. As a rule, a standard one-deck game will give the casino a house edge of around 3.15%. This reduces to around 2.75% with an eight-deck game.

The more decks you add, the lower the house edge will be: Unlike many other online casino games, with Red Dog, the more decks you add, the lower the house edge will usually be. For most games the opposite is true. Because Red Dog is largely a game of chance, the odds don’t really change that much with strategy making it a fantastic choice for those who enjoy the thrill of leaving it up to chance.

Variations of Red Dog

Altering decks number: While Red Dog is a fairly simple game without too many variations, you can make things a bit more interesting by altering the number of decks you play with. Most online casinos offer games with up to eight decks. The more decks you have the lower the house edge and the greater your odds of winning.

Online version: The online version of the Red Dog game is played with the same principles as the bricks and mortar version. While it’s rare to find a physical casino that offers Red Dog, it is still popular online and can be found at a number of leading online casinos such as LeoVegas and Mr. Green casino.

Top 5 Red Dog Tips

  • Choose a game with more decks to reduce the house edge.
  • Only raise if the spread is seven or more. The wider the spread the more chance you have of winning, although this also means that your potential payout will be slightly lower.
  • If you want to make things more exciting, try raising when the spread is lower – this will decrease your odds but give you a higher potential payout.
  • Remember, Red Dog is mainly a game of chance so don’t stress too much about strategy and just enjoy.
  • Always check the casino guidelines before you start playing Red Dog, as there can be slight variations when it comes to payouts and house edge.


If you love games of chance, you’ll love the challenge of Red Dog. While it is reminiscent of poker, it is much quicker to learn and you don’t have to be highly skilled and experienced to be in for a good chance of winning.

Fast paced and exciting without the need to learn complicated strategies, this game is a must try for new players and experienced die-hards alike.

Get started playing Red Dog today and check out one of our recommended Red Dog casinos.