Publish: 13.10.2017

Canada’s First Creative Industries Trade Mission to China in 2024

The trade mission will be dedicated to the support of Canadian businesses related to the creative industries and promoting new partnerships between the two countries.

Minister Mélanie Joly aims to bolster the power of Canada’s creative industries, facilitate access to the China market and strengthen bonds with China.

Minister of Canadian Heritage Melanie Joly stated at the Vancouver International Film Festival that the important goal of her Department would be to lead the first creative industries trade mission of Canada to China in April 2024. The international ties will be highly beneficial for strengthening business-to-business relations in China, whereas the trade mission will be firmly dedicated to the support of Canadian businesses that are related to the creative industries and which aim to promote new partnerships between these two countries. The trade project aspires to assist the distribution and recognition of the Canadian creative input in the global market.

Minister Joly also used the ceremonial occasion to announce a market study titled A Snapshot of China’s Creative Industries which has been created as a collaborative work between the Trade Commissioner Service of Canada and the Department of Canadian Heritage. The market study places special emphasis on a number of incredible opportunities for the distribution of the Canadian artistic content in China.

“Our goal is to support Canadian creators and creative entrepreneurs in increasing their competitive position on the international stage so that they can reach new markets and contribute directly to Canada’s overall economic and social prosperity,” Minister Joly also added.

The Canadian Government acknowledges that the creative industries are an essential driving force of economy and that providing creators with an access to new markets will ensure all-encompassing prosperity and growth as well as generate much greater job opportunities.

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