Publish: 09.09.2017

Millionaire Genie Slot Hits For $5,000,000

Millionaire Genie is no stranger to minting new online slots millionaires.

There are still a few weeks left in the summer, and it seems that the online progressive reels are determined to make the most of them.

In a summer where huge jackpots have been so commonplace as to become routine, there is yet another seven-figure score to report. This time, the game was “Millionaire Genie” — and the first number in that seven-figure score was a five:

Millionaire Genie’s 27th Jackpot Payout

Millionaire Genie is no stranger to minting new online slots millionaires. This is no less than the popular game’s 27th time paying out life changing money to a lucky player. Amazingly, the approximately $5,000,000 payout is only the third highest payout in the slot’s history.

We are still waiting on the details of the winner, although it’s possible that the true identity will never be known. Many players looking to stay out of the limelight will ask to have their details withheld in order to protect their privacy.

Millionaire Genie Huge Fun

Players love this slot not only for its huge jackpot payouts, but also for the consistently fun action it provides.

It’s a 5 reel, 15 payout slot that offers a number of exciting features that can win payouts of as many as 1,500 coins even when not hitting the jackpot — which is triggered by linking up three genie symbols in a row. Combined with the possibility of autoplay options as high as 75x, and you start to see why many people have tried their luck rubbing its magic lamp.

Summer to Remember

Most striking about this summer is the breadth and depth of the winning going on. Millionaire Genie is a Microgaming title, but is not a part of the new, modern wave of slots machines currently available from all developers.

This not only shows the longevity of a classic game, but also the need for players to take advantage of the games and promotions offer by signing up for accounts at multiple online casinos. Failing to do so could end up in you missing out on the few remaining opportunities in this summer to remember.

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