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Unique Wild Symbols Found on Mobile Slots

I have put together the following guide, for there is no doubt in my mind that when you start to play mobile slot games, you are going to come across quite a lot of slots on which there will be either a standard wild symbols attached to their reels or some very unique wild symbols.

A wild symbol, in its most basic form is going to be a symbol that will stand in for other reel symbols but be aware that they will rarely stand if for scatter symbols or bonus symbols that can and do award bonus games or bonus winning pay-outs.

So if you do see a slot with a wild symbols attached to it, then they are symbols that you will want to see spinning in, for whenever they do so there is always going to be a very good chance that they will help you form one or more winning combinations, dependent on just which reels and in which positions they spin in on.

However, as the years have ticked by, many slot game designers and developers have added a much larger and much more diverse range of additional bonus symbols to their slot games.

As such you are going to find quite a large range of unique wild symbols that can perform additional tasks, and as such please do read on for some of those wild symbols you are bound to come across could suddenly spring to life and award you will plenty of additional winning pay-outs!

Wild Multiplier Symbols

Wild multiplier reel symbols are also found on many different slots, and you will not only find them attached to video slot game reels, but many of the older styled three-reel slot machines will also have wild multipliers attached to their reels.

Now what makes those symbols ones that all players will want to see spinning in, is that when they do spin in and have helped you form a winning combination, the value of the winning pay-out listed on the pay table of the slot for that winning combination will be boosted in value.

It will be the multiplier values that are attached to the wild multiplier symbols that the winning pay-out will be boosted by, so for example if you form a winning combination worth 10.00 and there is a x4 wild multiplier that has helped you form that winning pay-out it will be boosted in valued to 40.00.

Some slots will also have wild multiplier symbols that will multiply themselves by each other when you get two or more of them in a winning combination.

So for example if you get three of them spinning in and helping you form a winning combination, and those wild symbols are worth lets say x3, then your base game winning combination will be boosted by 3x3x3, which will therefore see the pay-out becoming 27 times its pay table listed value, so you can win big on those types of slots when the wild symbols have been spun in!

Expanding Wild Symbols

The next type of wild symbols you are bound to come across at one time of another when using a mobile casino app are known as expanding wild symbols.

What will happen when you are playing those types of slot games is that when the reels will come to a stop and any of those reels have a wild symbol in view on them, those wild symbols will then expand upwards and downwards.

That will then result in every single in view reel position on the reels that those symbols have spun in on will be covered in wild symbols. You could get more than one reel with a wild symbol having been spun in and when you do so those other reels will then expand their respective wild symbols.

Obviously it does go without saying that the more wild symbols that spin in and expand the more chances you will have of forming multiple additional winning combinations with those wild symbols, much more so when you are playing a mobile slot that has a large number of pay-lines, and you have activated them all.

Some slot games may also have wild symbols that not only expand upwards and downwards but will also expand side to side too, so do make sure when you are next in a slot playing frame of mind you keep your eyes peeled for such slots, as I just know you will find them exciting ones to play on a  mobile device.

Random Wild Symbols

You will always find it entertaining and exciting when you play slot machines on a mobile device or for that matter wherever you choose to play them, however you will get even more excitement when you track down and get stuck into playing a slot on which there are random wild symbols on offer.

Those types of mobile slot machines can be designed, regarding their random wild symbols in one of several ways, and as such I will now quickly run through the different ways that those wild symbols can and may just appear on the screen of the mobile slot you are playing.

Some slots that do have random wild symbols will have them floating around the screen when you have sent the reels spinning, then as soon as the reels have all come to a complete stop the wild symbols will then randomly attach themselves to different reel positions, and you will of course be hoping they then help you form plenty of winning combinations.

So, slots however will at random just fire out wild symbols and they will then attach themselves to various reel positions either before the reels come to a stop or once they have come to a stop.

What you will always be hoping for are the largest number of wild symbols possible being randomly added to the screen, in fact some mobile slots could every now and then give you a screen full of wild symbols by their Random Wild features!