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Top Paying Ainsworth Mobile Slot Games

I have always found Ainsworth slot games to be annoying, for they just seem to be low variance slots and ones on which when playing you are going to find it very difficult to win big.

However, I do know that some slot players cannot get enough of playing Ainsworth slots, and many players do enjoy playing them on their mobile devices too. With that in mind today I am going to be looking at just which of their slot games are the best ones to play.

Whilst I personally am never tempted to play any of their slots, no matter how unique they look, you may enjoy doing so, and the slots of theirs that are listed below are the ones that have been set to pay-out more to players over the long term.

Therefore, for those of you that do enjoy playing Ainsworth slots and wish to play them on a  tablet device or smart phone then make sure those listed below are the ones that you concentrate your real money playing efforts on as they do come with the highest long term RTP’s.

You are also going to be more than welcome to play the Ainsworth mobile slot games at an casino site or on any casino app that has them on offer for free and at no risk, which is a good way for you to set about playing them stand allow you to make up your own mind as to whether they are going to be worth playing for real money.

I am no fan of their slots, but you never know you may just find some of their slots do appeal to you and as such read on and do feel free to give any of the following slots some play time and decide for yourself if they are much better slot games than I have made them out to be.

RTP’s of Ainsworth Mobile Slot Games

Let me now rattle through the list of Ainsworth mobile slot games and give you an insight into whether they are going to be slots worth tracking down and playing based on their respective payout percentages.

Starting with the Big Thunder slot which has a payout percentage of some 94.38% which by the way is not as high as the Big Thunder Quad Shot games RTP which has been set a tad higher at 94.39%.

One slot from Ainsworth that is still found on land-based casinos gaming floors and is also available as a mobile slot is the Cash Cave which has a reasonable but to be perfectly honest not too high RTP of 94.10%.

Several other mobile slots from Ainsworth also have very similar RTP’s and they are the Cash Hound and Crazy Goose slots which both return to players over the long term a payout percentage of  94.04% and then you have the Crystal Cash on which the RTP has been set slightly higher at some 94.11%.

The bonus games can often trigger frequently when you do set about playing Ainsworth slot games, and whilst I haven’t found the ones I have played to payout big when I did trigger their bonus games two slots that may just do are the Diamond Chief slot with its 94.02% RTP and the Oriental themed Dragon Lines slot which comes with a payout percentage of 94.08%.

The Enforcer is a slot I would advise you to avoid playing due to its payout percentage being rather unimpressive at 93.84%, some much better slots to play from Ainsworth include the Thunder Cash slot which has a payout percentage of 94.07%, the Trojan Treasure which has been set with an RTP of 94.16% and also the Twice the Money with a slightly higher payout percentage of some 94.30%.

Sadly, there are quite a number of Ainsworth slots that do have appallingly low RTP’s and one of them is the Rich ‘n Wild slot on which players will only get back as winning pay-outs over the long term 93.80% of their stakes.

The Rio Riches Stacked Up has a payout percentage of 94.08%and the paybacks attached and on offer on the Roaming Reels slot are 94.11%, and one other slot that does have a fun and unique them and can also be played for low or high stake levels is the Run with The Wolves Quad Shot slot for it has been set with a payout percentage of 94.41%.

Ainsworth Slots with Potentially High Paying Bonus Games

If you do fancy chancing your luck playing Ainsworth slots, but are eager to play the ones that offer some potentially huge paying bonus feature rounds, then each of the following mobile compatible slots are certainly worth checking out.

The Safari Spirit does have a bonus game that can pay-out big and as far as the RTP of that slot game goes, well it has been set at 94.14% which is slightly higher than another popular bonus game awarding video slot that being the Sheer Magic slot which has been set to return 94.10% of players stakes over the long term as winning pay-outs.

It will also be worth playing the Soul Queen slot too and that slot for reference has a payout percentage that has been set at some 94.34%. One slot that does have an exciting bonus game is the Stormin 7’s but sadly due to its RTP of a low 93.83% it isn’t a slot to play that often if at all.

A few other mobile lots from Ainsworth that I do know plenty of players do enjoy playing time and time again are their Sugar ’n Spice Hummin’ slot on which an RTP of some 94.08% can be found, and the Sun Chief slot comes with a good bonus feature round too and that slots RTP is set at 94.06%, sadly the Super Charged 7’s slot whilst popular only has a pay-out percentage of  93.04% and the Super-Hot 7’s slot has a payout percentage set at 94.42%.