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Tips, Cheats and Hacks for Playing Megaways Slots

Let’s face it, you are always going to be best advised to find out the most optimum way to play mobile slots, and with hundreds of thousands of different slot machines available, you are going to have more than enough of them to pick and choose from.

With that in mind in the following guide I am going to be looking at some of the best ways that you can play the Megaways series of slots, and one thing to keep in mind is that there are several different designers of those slots, and each slot will offer you a different theme and often additional built in bonus games and bonus features too.

Top Paying Megaways Slots

The savviest of mobile slot players will not be too concerned about the theme of any Megaways slot or for that matter the bonus games and/or bonus features, they will only be interested in the slots that are going to be offering them the best paybacks and the highest RTP’s too.

Therefore you need to head on over to my guide that will reveal to you the Megaways slot game RTP’s, as by doing so you are going to find a comprehensive listing of every single one of those slots and will soon be able to find those that have been designed with the highest pay-out percentages too.

But do keep in mind that as each of those slot games has been designed with a different pay-out percentage, even when playing those that do boast the highest RTP’s, you are not going to achieve their expected payout percentages on every single session you have playing them.

However having said that the more you play such slots the much more likely you are of achieving somewhere near their expected RTP’s, so make sure that you tick to playing the ones that do come with and offer you the very highest set of paybacks to get some much long and potentially higher paying slot playing sessions.

Using Bonuses to Boost Your Bankroll

Mobile casino bonuses can often be a double edged sword, for with the majority of them being designed as deposit match type bonuses and often some high valued ones too, to get the maximum playing value out of most of them you are required to deposit some large amounts of cash into your mobile casino site accounts.

But at the end of the day the only bonuses that you should be making use of if you do want to increase your winning chances are those bonuses that have attached to them the lowest possible play through requirements, and not all of them will have low play through requirements.

I would also urge you to make a point of picking out those bonuses to claim that never come with any maximum cash out and pay-out limits associated with them.

Bonuses that do have terms that will limit the amount of cash that you can win and cash-out are poor valued ones, and you really will be very annoyed if you do claim bonus and win big, only to find that you can only cash out a smaller percentage of those winnings.

For reference the mobile casino sites that you will see listed throughout this website have been handpicked by our team and are sites that always have some of the most liberal of bonus terms and conditions attached and associated with them.

Lower Variance Means More Comp Points

It is not only those mobile casinos sites that are going to be offering you high valued bonuses that you should be looking to play at, for many such sites are also going to have their own rewards schemes in place too.

Those rewards schemes are often referred to as loyalty schemes or comp club schemes and will reward you with points based on how much you wager when playing Megaways slots and any other casino games on offer too.

Therefore, do spend a little bit of time doing your research into the loyalty and comp club schemes on offer at different mobile casinos and stick to playing for real money at those sites that have the most generous ones on offer.

But keep in mind that the lower the variance and the higher that RTP of any Megaways slots, the most times you are going to be able to recycle your bankroll when playing those slots, which in turn wills e you amassing more comp points due to the frequency of spun in winning combinations.

Do by playing at a mobile casino site that does offer the highest valued comps and awards players with more comps and then playing lower variance Megaways slots you will be earning yourself plenty of additional playing credits which are what your accumulated comp points can be exchanged for.

Stake Each Spin Optimally

One final aspect of playing Megaways slots that you will need to factor into your playing strategy is to always equate your stake per spin to your available bankroll, for many players will take way too many risks when it comes to the stake levels they playing such slot games for.

One of the best strategies is to try and get at the very least 100 base game spins out of your bankroll when playing any Megaways slots, as by doing so you stand a much greater chance of triggering their main bonus games when playing off that many base game spins.

For those of you that can also take the buy a feature option when playing Megaways slots, well that is your decision to make, however you run the very real risk of busting out your bankroll and way too quickly if you do opt to buy a bonus game rather than see it being triggered in the standard way.

In fact, I would advise you not to take that bonus feature buy option, for the slot still is aiming to pay-out its long term expected payout percentage, so ultimately whilst you could in big when using the bonus feature buy option the opposite is just as likely to happen.