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The Best Way to Play Mobile Penny Slot Machines

You will be able to configure most mobile slot games to stake levels that you can comfortably afford to play them for, and as such if you only have a small gambling budget and want to get as much play when playing slot games, then you should be setting the slots you do pick out to play as penny slots.

Keep in mind though it will be the number of pay-lines that you choose to have in play along with the number of coins in play on each activated pay-line along with the coin value settings that will ultimately determine the actual stakes you will be playing any slot games for.

But having said that, you will still get plenty of fun, entertaining and winning opportunities even if you do play mobile slot games for relatively low stake levels.

In fact, below I will take a look at the best way to play mobile penny slot machines, for you will never want to miss out on a winning opportunity when playing your favourite slot games, and even though you may only be playing them for pennies you will still want to have plenty of fun and bonus games and bonus features triggering too.

Keep in mind too that there are plenty of ways to increase the value of your bankroll, and I will also look at some of the ways you are going to be able to do just that too below.

Taking Full Advantage of Bonuses

Bonuses are going to be the one main way that you will get plenty of additional play time when playing penny slot games, but always be prepared to take your time and investigate and check out just which mobile casinos have the best type of bonuses available to you.

I have seen no end of mobile casino apps that are going to give you a free small no deposit bonus when you first sign up to those sites, and that will be a great way to play at no risk and have the chance of winning real money, but only if you follow the terms and conditions of such bonuses to the letter!

Deposit match bonuses are also another way to massively increase the value of your gaming budget, and you will find that you can claim some that are worth 100% of your deposit or more, and they are available to both new players of any mobile casino site and also are available to existing players too, the latter type of bonuses for existing players are often known as reload bonuses.

You could also be offered a set of free spins when playing at some mobile casino sites, but they will only be allocated to one slot machine, and you will often have to play through any winnings you achieve when playing off your awarded no risk free spins before you can then go on to cash out any winnings, so do keep that in mind when claiming them!

Playing Only Penny Slots with High RTP’s

Each slot machine you will have access to on any mobile casino app will have been designed to return to players, but over the long term a certain percentage of their combined stakes as winning pay-outs.

The pay-out percentage or RTP which means return to player, therefore is a very vital piece of information that you must always make a point of finding out, when you are thinking of playing slot machines on a mobile device or anywhere for real money.

As for just which pay-out percentages you will find attached to any mobile slot game, well they can and will vary, but the general rule of thumb will be to only play slot games that have a pay-out percentage that has been set higher than 96%.

By doing so you will then get more of your stakes paid back out to you as winning pay-outs over the long term, and when you manage to track down and play slot games that for example have a pay-out percentage of say 98% or even 99% then you will get plenty of winning spins.

Plus, when playing bonus game awarding video slots with high pay-out percentages you will trigger their respective bonus games much more frequently that you ever will playing slot games with much lower pay-out percentages.

As for where to look to find out the RTP of any slot, well that information could be displayed on the mobile casino’s website, on the help files of each slot or on the pay table of each slot instead.

Consider Playing Random Jackpot Penny Slots

If Lady Luck does flip you a smile when playing slot machines on your mobile device for stakes as low as pennies, then never forget you could win some very significant amounts of cash.

However, you are much more likely to have the chance of winning a life changing or huge amount of cash when playing for pennies when you set about playing slot game son which the is one or more progressive jackpots, rather than playing a slot game that has a fixed jackpot amount.

The random jackpot slots that many mobile casino sites and mobile apps have on offer to their players obviously award their respective jackpots completely at random either by just awarding them randomly at the end of any base game paid for spin or via some randomly awarded bonus game or bonus feature.

However, unlike when you play other types of progressive slots, random jackpot slots can award their respective jackpots to players no matter at which stake levels they are playing for, so even as a penny slot player you do have a fair and reasonable chance of being awarded such a jackpot.

But at the end of the day it will be down to you as to just which penny slot games you will prefer and will enjoy playing, but no matter where you chose to play you will never find any shortage of them available to you!