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Pros and Cons of Playing Live Mobile Blackjack Games

There are two main types of blackjack games that you will have access to as a mobile casino player, the first is the standard software driven games which use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each card dealt out.

However, there are now many mobile casino apps that offer their players a range of live casino games, and if you want the ultimate gaming experience then I would urge you to give some of those games a try.

It is of course up to you as to how you access games such as blackjack on your tablet device or on your smart phone, but by reading on I am going to be enlightening you on the pros and cons of playing the live dealer blackjack games online.

Live Mobile Blackjack Games, Comps and Bonuses

You could be the type of player that will only ever be tempted to play blackjack when you are being offered a high valued bonus such as a deposit match bonus from a casino site or app.

mobile blackjack game

As for whether you are going to be showered with such bonuses when playing live dealer blackjack, well sadly in my experience most mobile casino apps do not tend to offer a steady stream of blackjack related bonuses to their players.

As such you may be better advised to play online and the software driven blackjack games, if you want to have access to plenty of bonus offers, however keep in mind the terms associated with most if not all blackjack game bonuses are often very strict and will require you to churn through your bonus funds many, many times as part of the play through requirements attached to them.

The comps you will amass and be earning when playing live mobile blackjack games will be standard ones, so the is no major advantages or disadvantages regarding earning comp points when playing either live variants or software driven ones.

Live Blackjack and Card Counting

One thing that I do know will be of great interest to many avid blackjack players, is that due to the way live blackjack games are played, that being by real life dealers shuffling the cards, dealing them out and players being able to keep track of the games via a live video stream, it is possible to count cards when playing mobile live blackjack games.

That is something that has never been possible when playing standard online blackjack games, as the cyber deck of playing cards are shuffled before each new hand is dealt out, so it is impossible to keep track of the playing cards when playing those software driven variants.

So if you have fully mastered the very fine and tricky art of card counting, then you will be able to do it when playing live blackjack games on any type of mobile device, but some casinos do claim they have ways of detecting such players, so always do keep that in mind!

Interact with Players and Dealers

Another aspect of playing live blackjack games is that you are going to be able to chat to and interact with the dealers, along with any other players that are sat at the same table as you.

That is made possible thanks to a chat room being attached to each live mobile gaming table, so if you are the type of player who does enjoy chatting away to other players or the dealer then that is something you are very easily going to be able to do.

Having said that though, I am aware that many people will find the inane drivel that is often being spoken in such a chat room can be distracting and often get on their nerves too, so thankfully you are able to close and deactivate the chat room on any table you are playing at.

Keep in mind too that as the footage of each table is going to be fed directly to your mobile device you are going to be able to watch the cards being shuffled too, and many people do tend to get a much greater chance of fair play when playing live mobile blackjack games.

When playing software driven games, there could and probably will come a time when you experience a bad run of luck which will often leave you questioning whether such games are truly fair and random, and even though they are any bad ruin of luck will still leave a bad taste in your mouth playing those types of card games on your mobile device!

Low to Very High Limit Table Stakes

Never be under the impression that by you access the live gaming platforms available at most mobile casinos sites you are going to have to become a player that plays for very high-stake amounts, as that is not going to be the case.

When you log into a casino app offering live blackjack game you are going to be given the choice of many different live tables and alongside each of them you ill find the name of the variant of blackjack being played, and will also find the minimum and maximum bet limits on each table too.

So if you simply want to play low stake live blackjack then simply select a table that does indeed offer you the very lowest of stake amounts, but if you are a high roller you will find some tables that have very, very high maximum table stake limits in place too.

Sadly one final thing that you will often find when playing such games is that there is rarely if ever the option or you to access and play those games for free, but you will be bale to log into a live blackjack table and watch the game being played if you want to see at first hand just how they have been designed to play and pay, and can set about playing for real money at any time of your own choosing too.