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Most Frequently Triggered Mobile Slot Picking Games

Two very similar types of bonus games that many mobile slot games could award you with are pick and match bonus games and pick and win style bonus games.

You may enjoy playing such slot games on your mobile devices and if so then I just know you are going to be very interested in this mobile slot playing guide, for below I am going to be revealing to you just which video slot games award their respective picking games the most often.

Keep in mind though that even though I will be revealing to you below the average number of base game spins it should take you to trigger some form of picking game on each of the listed mobile slot games, the number of base game spins it could take you to trigger those types of bonus games can and will vary,.

However due to the design of each slot, over your long term play the following number of base games spins will work out as the average number of ones that you do need to play off to trigger those bonus games, based on the design of each slot.

As for just how much you could win when playing off a pick to win or pick and match bonus game, well it will always be dependent on just which types of slot you are playing and also whether those slots are low, medium of high variance slot games too.

But do read on for below you will find plenty of different types of mobile slot games and will see just how often on average their respective picking styled bonus game should be awarded to you.

Best Mobile Slots for Picking Games

As some slot machines that can be accessed on a mobile device are going to be giving you the chance of triggering two and not just one single picking game, then those are probably the best slots to play to have more chances of getting to play off that type of bonus feature round.

Therefore, one mobile slot that will certainly be worth tracking down and playing if you are a big fan of picking styled bonus feature gams sis the Big Kahuna slot, for it does give players the chance of triggering one of two pick and win style bonus games.

When playing that slot the chances of triggering its first bonus picking game are lower than its second picking game, for the one triggered by the Volcano reels symbols will see you on average having to play off 96 base game spins to trigger it, and the Mask symbols triggering bonus game only requires on average 72 base game spins to be played off before it is awarded to players!

The Halloweenies mobile video slot is one on which you can play up to 20 pay lines per spin and that game has both a free spins bonus feature round on offer to plays and you could also trigger a pick to win styled bonus game too.

That bonus game will see you having to select pumpkins to pick off the bonus game screen once triggered, and each one you go on to select will then reveal a cash pay-out which is then awarded to you and on average you will have to play off a total of 84 base game spins to be awarded with that picking game.

Just be aware that the more symbols you pin in to trigger that bonus game and the highest the base game stake on the slot you wager, the bigger the potential winning pay-outs will become on that bonus game once it has been awarded to you!

Some of you out there may also fancy playing a video slot game on your mobile device that offers you not only the chance of triggering a pick and win style bonus game but also a huge progressive jackpot too.

If that is the case, then it may just be worth playing the King Cashalot mobile slot game for by doing so not only could you win a huge life changing jackpot, and you could also trigger its unique pick to win bonus game too, and that bonus game tends to trigger on average once every 112 base game spins!

Play Mobile Picking Game Awarding Slots

Sometimes, when you set about playing any type of mobile slot machine on which the is some form of picking game that can be triggered, you could spend a small fortune trying to trigger those types of bonus games, and may not win anything when playing them off.

That is something that you always need to be aware of, for even though you could have played off a huge number of base game spins when playing such a slot, the is never going to be any guarantees that when the bonus game does finally trigger you will win big.

However, at the end of the day the longer you do play any such slot the better your chances are of getting some significant winning pay-outs when their respective pick and win bonus games have been triggered, but do keep in mind too that all mobile casinos are going to allow you to play any of their range of slot games for free if you so desire.

As the variance of each demo mode slot and its long term expected pay-out percentage is going to be the same as the real money version of each slot, then you will always get a true and fair first hand playing experience when playing those free play slots and they will then play in much the same way when you set about playing them for real money.

In fact, if you click or tap onto any of our links that are going to take you directly over to the websites or any of the casino sites you see listed upon this website when you do sign up and make a deposit you will then be able to claim their respective high valued welcome bonuses.