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How Mobile Progressive Slot Games Differ

Some of the most played categories of mobile slot games are those games on which it is possible to win a progressive jackpot, and with such a very wide and diverse range of such games available to players, I have put together the following guide to help you make sense of them all!

A progressive jackpot is simply a jackpot that will continue to rise in value until such a time that a player manages to win that jackpot, and once a progressive mobile slot game jackpot has been won by players it then resets to its seed value.

The seed value is basically the starting value of such a jackpot, and the value of that seed jackpot is dependent on what the slot game designer has chosen, some seed values can be fairly low in value, but there are some slots that will reset once won to a millions Pounds, Dollars or Euros!

It is important to note though, that the way in which progressive slot jackpots will continue to rise in value, is by a percentage of players stakes being fed into the jackpot pool, and as such what you usually find is that the base slot game will have a slightly lower pay-out percentages due to players stakes feeding the jackpot pools.

Having said that though, as long as you always play such a slot in the way required to have any chance what so ever of winning a progressive jackpot, then you are always going to have a chance of winning such a jackpot.

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Basic Types of Mobile Progressive Slots

The basic types of progressive mobile slot games you will come across will require you to have to put into place the maximum number of pay-lines such slots have on offer and/or also play them for the maximum stake levels too.

By doing so you will then always have the chance of spinning in the winning combination and being awarded with the jackpot you will see increasing in value on the jackpot meter attached to such slots.

However, if you do not play them in such a way and activate a lower number of pay-lines or play them for lower stake levels, then you will never have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot, and if you do line up the jackpot paying winning combination you will instead of the progressive jackpot be awarded with a fixed coin jackpot pay-out instead, which will be much lower in value than the progressive!

These types of slot games are popular with players but the one thing to always keep in mind is that the jackpots are being fed by your and all other players stake money, so you could play them for a long time and have contributed a lot of money into the jackpot pool only to see another player go on to win that jackpot, but that is of course the risk of playing such slots, you will never know who will win them or when they will be won!

Random Jackpot Mobile Slots

Random jackpot slot machines are hugely popular for those slot games can and do award their respective progressive jackpots completely at random, and any player playing them always has a chance of winning one of them too.

Some such slots that many mobile casino sites and mobile casino apps have on offer will give players the chance of winning more than one randomly awarded progressive jackpot, which will of course increase your winning chances when you set about playing them.

The reason why such a huge number of mobile slot player snow play such slot sis that they can be played for any stake amount and players still have the chance of walking off with one of those randomly awarded progressive jackpots.

As for how the jackpots are won, well some such slots will award them to players at the end of any base game spin played off, and when won a message will often be flashed across the winning players screen to alert them of the fact they have bagged the jackpot.

However, some random jackpot slots will award some form of bonus game, often completely at random too and the player then has to play off that randomly awarded bonus game to find out just which of several different progressive jackpots they have won, if they have indeed won one of them or a fixed cash pay-out instead.

Other Types of Progressive Jackpot Slots

You could also see being offered to you as a player of some mobile casino sites a range of other types of progressive games, and as such you may fancy trying some of them when you do indeed come across them.

One type of progressive slot machines that I do personally enjoy playing are those that have one or more progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to be awarded to players before they reach a certain value.

What I do tend to look out for when I come across any number of those types of progressive slot games are those that are not far off the value at which they are guaranteed to be won, for there is always going to be a much greater chance of winning such a jackpot when it is fast approaching its guaranteed pay-out amount than when playing a slot that is way off that value.

It is of course not only slot machines and slot games that have progressive jackpots attached to them these days, and as such if you are a fan of playing games such as Blackjack, Roulette or even Video poker then there is no doubt in my mind that you will find plenty of mobile casinos sites offering you those types and categories of games that have one or more progressive jackpots attached to them.

However, often you are forced or required to have to place an optional side bet when playing those other progressive casino games to have any chance of winning the jackpots attached to them.